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Christoph Hohl

Expert in ergonomics Christoph Hohl - SANTERGO
  • Ergonomics Expert
  • More than 20 years experience
  • Author of the book

“Wellness in the Office”


SANTERGO was founded to reduce pain and generate well-being in the work environment.

Christoph Hohl comes from Switzerland and is an ergonomics expert.

For more than 20 years, he has offered a variety of solutions with different products as well as advice on how to have a better quality of life and a greater sense of well-being.

SANTERGO is a special piece of this beautiful mosaic.


Are you one of those people who is plagued with minor, or even major, suffering every day?

Then SANTERGO can certainly help you find the answer. With innovative and top-quality solutions, SANTERGO offers specific answers for better ergonomics and a more comfortable life.

What customers say about us
Eva Kloss HR Manager, Germany

At SANTERGO, I have found a first-class service and a fantastic product. Thanks a lot.

Claude Metz Credit Suisse, Luxembourg

SANTERGO products combine the best ergonomics with maximum comfort.

Gertraud Wachmann Am Spiegeln, Austria

Innovative, solution-oriented, and simply comfortable!

Hannes Geyskens MindMoves, Belgium

I absolutely recommend SANTERGO's products. They are really great!

Claudine Stein Social Worker, Luxembourg

The fabric feels like silk, and the filling is not a chemical but a natural product. I find this uniquely great!

Jean-Marc Ziadé Sales and Events Manager, Netherlands

Top service, top quality! The moment I bought the innovative SANTERGO cushion, I realized how beneficial it is for my wrist and working posture. I definitely recommend it!

Stefanie Wilms Interior Design, Belgium

A good design is recognizable by its simplicity, innovative choice of materials, and ergonomic shape. As a bonus, both wrist rests are 100% organic, terrific!

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