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Pitstop for the Office Chair


In Formula 1 races, the tires play a decisive role in victory and defeat. The winter tires save us a lot of hassle on slippery roads. Office chairs do not race, but it is important to have the optimum castors under the chairs.

There are only two types of castors for office chairs: one for carpets and one for hard floors.

Therefore, it seems to be an easy choice.

However, I have encountered several offices in which the floor covering was damaged by the wrong castors. Additionally, the chair’s rolling performance will also be very bad if the wrong castors are fitted.

The chair casters for carpets are made of polyamide, a thermoplastic material that is very hard and has ideal rolling properties on soft floors.

The castors for hard floors have a soft polyurethane layer on the upper side, which feels rubbery and is usually grey in color. The difference made by these castors is clearly noticeable; the coating reduces the noise and protects parquet, laminate, linoleum as well as tile and stone floors.

Older office chairs have castors with a diameter of 1,97 inches/50 mm. Newer models often have larger wheels (2,36 inches / 60 mm). These have a significantly better rolling behavior, put less strain on the surface and are much better quality.

In most cases, the castors are not firmly screwed to the chair, but rather snapped into the base.

To replace them, they must be pulled out of their holders against a perceptible resistance.

Sometimes you have to pull very hard.


Replace castors

If your office chair has castors for carpeted floors, but your office has a hard surface, you should replace the castors as soon as possible. Pull out the old ones, insert the new ones – it can be done in no time – and you will notice the difference immediately!


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Picture of Christoph Hohl

Christoph Hohl

Christoph Hohl comes from Switzerland and is an ergonomics expert. For more than 20 years he has been offering many solutions with different products and many tips to provide more quality of life and a greater sense of well-being. SANTERGO is a special piece of this mosaic.