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Movement Is Good!


Movement is one of the most important factors for our body. It is designed to move.


Lack of movement can seriously endanger the human locomotor system as determined by various medical examinations. Moreover, lack of movement increases the risk of developing diabetes and heart problems. Even depression can be a symptom of a lack of movement.


Sitting and standing at an office table illustrated with a comic where the office chair with headrest is used sitting and the table has feet to work sitting and standing - SANTERGO


So, take every (reasonable) opportunity to get up from your office chair. For example, do not place your printer in the room where you work, but go to it if you want to print, scan or archive printed texts. If you have something to discuss with your colleagues, then visit them in their office. This will not only save you from sending a lot of e-mails, but will also improve collaboration and encourage movement.


If you have a working table with adjustable height, alternate regularly between sitting and standing positions. You might also have a higher chest of drawers in the office or even a high desk somewhere in the company where you can work while standing. There are also height-adjustable desk consoles available that you can place on your desk. You can even use beer crate tabletops to place a suitable standing table in your office. You have the choice, use one of them!


Cartoon drawing with sitting man on ergonomic office chair behind height adjustable office desk but in low position and office worker sitting behind his screen writing on keyboard SANTERGO


Regularly change your working posture: from sitting to standing and vice versa. The variation has an exceptionally positive effect on your body and also promotes your productivity.


If the topic of ergonomics in the office or home office appeals to you and you are interested in it more deeply, I can recommend my book “Wellness in the Office”. Combined with humorous drawings, I pass on 50+1 tips to make your office a little paradise.

wellness in the office 50 + 1 tips
50+1 tips to make your office a little paradise

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Christoph Hohl

Christoph Hohl

Christoph Hohl comes from Switzerland and is an ergonomics expert. For more than 20 years he has been offering many solutions with different products and many tips to provide more quality of life and a greater sense of well-being. SANTERGO is a special piece of this mosaic.