A cartoon drawing of a dry office landscape which is actually a kind of desert, with the sun in the background and two skeleton office workers, one of which has collapsed on the desk and the other is crawling on the floor to the water dispenser - SANTERGO
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Heat and Dryness – The Measurement Matters


Do you know that in many offices the humidity is low and the temperature is too high? These are not good conditions for work ability and well-being. If the central heating is on a high level, this not only increases the risk of infection, but many people also get eye problems; or the nostrils dry out, and the mouth feels like parchment.

Cartoon depiction of an office landscape with a skeleton secretary who has fallen on the office desk because it is too dry and too warm in the office - SANTERGO


An office that is too warm makes you tired. You should therefore keep an eye on the room temperature, preferably by using a well-visible thermometer. A room temperature of 21 – 22°C / 70 – 72°F  is considered pleasant and helps you concentrate.


And now to the air humidity: this should be 40 – 60%! If an air conditioner is used, it can be up to 70%. If the air is too dry, ventilation can help to make the situation more tolerable. Plants can also contribute to higher humidity. If you prefer a technological solution it is best to purchase a humidifier.

Cartoon drawing of a dry office with too much heat and dry air that the office workers are depicted as desiccated skeletons and one of them crawls to a water dispenser, with the other office secretary skeleton sitting on an ergonomic TERGON office chair and fallen over the office desk. With one hand she holds on to the monitor. In the background is a withered palm plant and a desert landscape with a sun - SANTERGO


Measuring means knowing: with a hygrometer (moisture meter) you measure the humidity of the air.


There are also combi-devices on the market, which measure carbon dioxide (CO2 ), room temperature, and humidity. All in all, the first step is to give the office atmosphere the attention it deserves!


If the topic of ergonomics in the office or home office appeals to you and you are interested in it more deeply, I can recommend my book “Wellness in the Office”. Combined with humorous drawings, I pass on 50+1 tips to make your office a little paradise.

wellness in the office 50 + 1 tips
50+1 tips to make your office a little paradise

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