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Painful wrists, sore neck, and tense shoulders can all be caused by the way you handle the keyboard and mouse at work. In fact, some people get tendinitis as a result of the repetitive movements that they make with the mouse and keyboard.

A good and relaxed posture is very important.

  • Do not place the keyboard too far away from you. Bring the keyboard a little closer so that your arms and shoulders have a natural and relaxed position while working.
  • Your wrists should lie on the tabletop in a relaxed position. Use a keyboard that is not too high and make sure that your wrists are not bent upwards when working. If necessary, use a wrist cushion so that your wrists can relax completely.
  • The wrist must not be bent upwards even when you are working with a mouse. It can be helpful to use a wrist pad while handling the mouse.
  • If the pain in the wrist area of your mouse hand does not decrease, then I advise you to get a vertical mouse. Working with it will lead to a natural posture and movement of the wrist and forearm. This creates subtle changes in posture, which will help quickly.


You can make your own wrist cushion: Place a small towel in such a way that it rests comfortably under your wrists. To use the mouse more easily, it is best to use a facecloth instead of a cushion. When folded, it will offer you optimal support.

There are several proven solutions on the market. Make sure that the wrist support is not too hard.


If the topic of ergonomics in the office or home office appeals to you and you are interested in it more deeply, I can recommend my book “Wellness in the Office”. Combined with humorous drawings, I pass on 50+1 tips to make your office a little paradise.

wellness in the office 50 + 1 tips
50+1 tips to make your office a little paradise

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Christoph Hohl

Christoph Hohl

Christoph Hohl comes from Switzerland and is an ergonomics expert. For more than 20 years he has been offering many solutions with different products and many tips to provide more quality of life and a greater sense of well-being. SANTERGO is a special piece of this mosaic.