5 tipps

Schreiben Sie sich hier ein für das Gratis-Büchlein mit 5 Tipps.

What customers say about the tips
Daniel Höchli Director, CURAVIVA, Bern - Switzerland

I recommend it to all office workers. Keep the book within reach, read part of it every day, and enjoy the beautiful drawings.

Heike Martens-Delloch VELOX GmbH, Hamburg - Germany

The book "Wellness in the Office" explains in an original and practical way how to increase the quality of life in the office.

kind en gezin
Katrien Verhegge General Manager, Kind en Gezin, Brussels - Belgium

The funny drawings and the comprehensive approach all make this book a must-have for anyone who spends a large part of their day in the office.

Martin Klaus CEO, Novum, Nijmegen - The Netherlands

This stimulating book is full of knowledgeable insights and workable tips on just about every aspect of work and life in the office. What a surprise! And what a delight for the mind and eyes!

swiss life-scaled
Roger Braun Swiss Life Global Solutions, Luxembourg

It sets the right tone to motivate people to take care of their bodies. The fantastic drawings add a special touch.