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Documents and Keyboard – Working Is Easy in the Correct Position


Do you work a lot with your keyboard, but at the same time you need to look at papers that you are working on? And are you suffering from neck and shoulder pain in the evening?

Then maybe I can relieve you from your pain with a simple remedy.

In many workplaces, the computer keyboard is positioned wrongly. It is positioned behind the documents that are being processed. The upper body of those who work under such conditions automatically ends up in an unnatural position. No wonder that painful problems occur!

A document holder can solve this problem. It is placed behind the keyboard and the papers that you need are placed on it. The papers are now easy to read due to their slight inclination.

Your shoulders can relax because the keyboard is much closer to you than when you spread out the documents in front of you.

You will quickly notice the benefits!


You do not have a document holder available?

In this case, place a ring binder behind the keyboard in such a way that the top cover falls off towards you. You can place your work papers on it – a simple improvisation that makes your work much easier and pleasant, or you can use a document holder.


If the topic of ergonomics in the office or home office appeals to you and you are interested in it more deeply, I can recommend my book “Wellness in the Office”. Combined with humorous drawings, I pass on 50+1 tips to make your office a little paradise.

wellness in the office 50 + 1 tips
50+1 tips to make your office a little paradise


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Christoph Hohl

Christoph Hohl

Christoph Hohl comes from Switzerland and is an ergonomics expert. For more than 20 years he has been offering many solutions with different products and many tips to provide more quality of life and a greater sense of well-being. SANTERGO is a special piece of this mosaic.