Office Strain: The Silent Epidemic of Shoulder Pain and Tension

Black and white photo with woman from behind with view of shoulders and head, holding her right shoulder up with one hand and a red circle indicating a point of pain there - SANTERGO

  In the bustling world of office work, where screens glow and keyboards clack, a silent epidemic lurks among the offices and conference rooms: shoulder pain and tension. For many professionals, the daily grind of sitting at desks and staring at screens takes a toll, manifesting in stiff, aching shoulders that beg for relief. If […]

An Empty Desk Is Half the Job For A Clean Desk Policy

Comic drawing of an office landscape with a chaotic L-shaped desk and an occasional piece of furniture with file boxes in the background. The desk is the opposite of a clean desk because it is cluttered with filing cabinets stacked on top of each other, paper, writing utensils, garbage and much more on and under the desk. A shocked cleaning lady with a cleaning trolley doesn't know where to start cleaning - SANTERGO

  A clean desk is a prerequisite for 20% higher efficiency Research by the Fraunhofer Institute shows that 10% of the average working time is spent on search activities. No wonder that most managers have a “clean-desk policy”. This helps to save time.   However, in real-life it is often difficult to follow good plans […]

5 beneficial back pain office exercises that provide back support

Young secretary sits comfortably in an office chair with her feet on the desk and stretches both hands diagonally upwards to the left and right, relaxing completely and smiling - SANTERGO

  The modern workday has changed significantly in recent years. More and more people spend their days in offices, sitting in front of computers and laptops, often under great pressure to be productive. However, these job demands often bring unwanted side effects, and one of the most common is the troublesome back pain.   Back […]

Give or Take: How Does It Work?

Comic depiction of Mother Teresa giving a coffee to Winston Churchill sitting at his desk. Next to Mother Teresa is a serving cart with two thermoses, cups and saucers, spoons and other utensils. On the desk of Winston Churchill there is an old standing telephone, placed photos, a hat, a stamp pusher a desk pad a stump, a lamp and a leaning stick. Winston Churchill is sitting in his office chair with a stump in his mouth, smiling, and Mother Teresa is serving him a cup of coffee from the front of the desk, also smiling. SANTERGO

  “The more you give, the more you receive.”   This sentiment from Mother Teresa is beautifully expressed in the following words also from her: “Who gives with joy, gives the most.”   What meaning can words like hers have in a business context where the more successful use of the elbow is always better […]

Running Promises Extra Lifespan

An older man as a cartoon drawing with sneakers and sports shoes pushes the big pointer backwards on an oversized clock built in the sand - SANTERGO

  Jogging prolongs your life.   Every hour you spend jogging promises an extra seven hours of life.   If I exaggerate, that’s not my intention at all. This statement is taken from an American study that was conducted on 55,000 people. However, it can be considered as a fact that people who do sports […]

Office Back Pain Relief

older man with white hair and stubble beard sits relaxed leaning back on office chair in office environment with colleagues in background - SANTERGO

  Back pain has become one of the most common workplace complaints today, especially for people who work in offices or home offices. Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, poor posture, and lack of exercise can all lead to significant back discomfort. Fortunately, however, there are a variety of measures that […]

Magic Ginger

A cartoon drawing of a blonde woman bathing in a yellow liquid in an oversized tea cup, which should be ginger tea. Above is a ginger fruit with the typical root shape and to the right of the cup ginger powder and ginger dried fruit. Everything is drawn in yellow, black and white - SANTERGO

  If you want to safeguard yourself naturally from various illnesses and ailments, you should have ginger in your house.   It is believed that ginger root has magical powers. It helps with a number of illnesses and ailments. For example, ginger is a good home remedy for colds, indigestion, nausea, and motion sickness. It […]

Back pain from the office job: prevention and relief

An exhausted young secretary sits dejectedly at the office desk in front of the screen with a headset in her ear and sits on an office chair with a hunched back

  Back pain associated with an office job is a common and often underestimated health problem in today’s workplace. Millions of people spend their days sitting in front of computers, editing documents and sitting in meetings, all of which can often lead to back discomfort. Not only can this pain significantly impact quality of life, […]

Not Only on the Bike: The Correct Seat Height Is Essential

Drawing of a stone carver working on a sculpture "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin, sitting on a stone with one foot resting on a ledge and the other on the statue itself - SANTERGO

  You have an office chair equipped with a lever to adjust the seat height. Did you adjust the height? Does the height fit? How can you tell that you are sitting properly? What is your ideal sitting position? How do you determine it?   The golden rule is: your feet are on the ground […]

How to avoid back pain in the office?

Four people sitting in an office at a large office desk and working on your office chair - SANTERGO

  Back pain due to an office job is unfortunately still a widespread reality. Although the topic of ergonomics and health in the workplace is widely studied, many people still suffer from back pain in the office. One wonders if there really aren’t ways to get out of this seemingly hopeless situation. In this article, […]