Where Does My Monitor Belong?

Comic of octopus sits on ergonomic office chair and touches monitor from screen with two long arms. Two other arms are behind the office chair on the floor. On the office desk the monitor is very far away and there is a keyboard and mouse on the desk surface. With the eye level, there is a distance of 2 cm above the top line from the screen and the eyes. The scene is in the main colors of blue and gray. SANTERGO

  Several health problems related to the head and neck are caused by the monitor screen. You may not believe it but I have saved many people from headaches, migraines, or neck and shoulder pain and I really didn’t have to do much for it. It is totally normal to change the position of the […]

Why use an ergonomic wrist rest for mouse and keyboard?

The right wrist is on a brown desk resting on a blue ergonomic wrist rest filled with millet chaff and is in a healthy horizontal position. The hand grips a white computer mouse and behind it you can see an Apple keyboard.

  The most commonly cited ailments in an office work environment are back pain, as well as shoulder and neck tension. However, another ailment frequently caused by working with a mouse or keyboard is pain in the wrists, also known as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendovaginitis. Due to excessive strain on the fingers, inflammation or […]

Heat and Dryness – The Measurement Matters

A cartoon drawing of a dry office landscape which is actually a kind of desert, with the sun in the background and two skeleton office workers, one of which has collapsed on the desk and the other is crawling on the floor to the water dispenser - SANTERGO

  Do you know that in many offices the humidity is low and the temperature is too high? These are not good conditions for work ability and well-being. If the central heating is on a high level, this not only increases the risk of infection, but many people also get eye problems; or the nostrils […]

Is lumbar support important in an ergonomic office chair?

Sitting man working on ergonomic office chair with lumbar support and headrest at desk in front of his computer screen, fingers on keyboard and mouse to his right - SANTERGO

  Back pain is increasingly associated with long periods of sitting. But is sitting for hours really the new smoking and does this effectively produce damage to the intervertebral discs or even the spine? The fact is that statistically back pain is one of the most important causes of sick leave with a large percentage […]

Spine Between Mars and Venus

Comic drawing depicting a marriage of a man carrying a woman in his arms. Both have back pain, with the man it is in the lower back and the woman in the upper back under the shoulders - SANTERGO

  Back pain, strange to say, is gender-specific. Women complain about back pain more often than men, although there are pain-related Differences. Women experience tension and discomfort, especially in the upper back. In men, the pain usually originates in the lower back in the areas of the sacrum and lumbar spine. What are the causes? […]

Useful tips and concrete solutions for back pain

Lady with lower back pain at chiropractor's checkup

  With back pain, you need to distinguish between acute and chronic pain. Depending on the type of back pain, there are things you can do to help the healing process or to relieve the pain. Certainly consider visiting a doctor or back specialist if the pain does not decrease or additional complications arise. Relief […]

Movement Is Good!

Comic with satisfied standing office worker writing something at an office desk with feet in standing position while the screen is in the background - SANTERGO

  Movement is one of the most important factors for our body. It is designed to move.   Lack of movement can seriously endanger the human locomotor system as determined by various medical examinations. Moreover, lack of movement increases the risk of developing diabetes and heart problems. Even depression can be a symptom of a […]

How to relieve back pain and work ergonomically

Secretary sitting on unergonomic office chair with a crooked back and pain in the lower back, lombal area

  According to studies and statistics, more than 60% of adults suffer from back pain with lower back pain occurring twice as often as upper back pain. Neck pain and tension in the shoulders are also common. Overall, women suffer more from back pain than men. Back pain has become a common complaint and many […]

Cross with the Crossed Legs

crossed legs on horse - SANTERGO

  Who doesn’t do it: cross their legs and lean back in the armchair in either a formal or comfortable conversation atmosphere? What feels more comfortable sitting than that! But is it really healthy?   Not at all! If you put one leg over the other, the blood vessels will be compressed and the blood […]

What is the benefit of an ergonomic footrest in the office?

Woman on office chair with one leg relaxed on ergonomic footrest and other foot relaxed on support - SANTERGO

  Ergonomics in the office is not only due to an ergonomic office chair, a height-adjustable table or the ergonomic arrangement of equipment on the desk, but also an ergonomic footrest.  While not all people in the office or home office need a footrest, it does contribute significantly to an optimally furnished workplace.  I explain […]