Respect Sleep Cycles

  The human body needs a reasonable amount of sleep to give its best and to stay healthy. For some people, a few hours are

  Laptops and notebooks have become more and more widespread in recent years and are accordingly frequently used as work tools. Unfortunately, neck complaints and

A Hymn to the Siesta

  Every day a midday nap or more refined: a siesta! We commonly consider this a sign of Mediterranean laziness, but this is not what

  It is becoming increasingly well known that a sedentary job is not good for your health and some even make the comparison that sitting

Pitstop for the Office Chair

  In Formula 1 races, the tires play a decisive role in victory and defeat. The winter tires save us a lot of hassle on

  Back pain is one of the most common complaints and illness in the workplace worldwide. Very common is back pain in the lower back,

  Do you work a lot with your keyboard, but at the same time you need to look at papers that you are working on?

  A headrest on an office chair looks chic and elegant on the one hand and can also provide good ergonomics due to the ergonomic

Fresh Air, Fresh Ideas

  The air quality of the room in which you work plays an important role. This should not be underestimated! Offices are closed rooms. Your

  The fact that an ergonomic office chair has an important influence on health, especially for the back, is well understood by many people nowadays.

Remember, the more you move your muscles, the more you are prepared against illness. How does this happen and how can it be explained? Endurance

  The correct typing posture is one of the many foundation stones for more ergonomics at the computer workstation. Today, keyboards come in a wide

  Drinking is healthy – and also important for other reasons. If you drink too little liquid, you can expect all kinds of physical and

  The human body is so ingeniously built that we can do the most incredible things with it, like climb up a steep mountain wall,

Do you sit on the edge of your chair at work? Unfortunately, this way of sitting quickly leads to a hunchback and adversely affects the

  Bad desk posture is unfortunately quite common, and this applies to not only ergonomics for office workers, but also all those who work in

From Keyboard and Mouse

  Painful wrists, sore neck, and tense shoulders can all be caused by the way you handle the keyboard and mouse at work. In fact,

  Human factors are mainly understood as the physical and mental performance of people. In combination with the ergonomic factors, the effects of the interactions

Light Is Not Always Equal

  Do you wish to design your workplace in an ergonomic way? Do not forget the light and its effect! Office work is strenuous for

  Nowadays, the majority of people work in front of a screen for several hours, practically every day. Many rightly ask themselves what the effect

Thoughts are Forces

  Everything comes from our thoughts! Your thoughts are the source of your emotions and feelings. When we think about beautiful and happy moments, positive,

Many people who work sitting for hours probably experience this: tension in the neck, discomfort in the back or pain in the shoulders. This is

Healthy Snack Breaks

Uninterrupted concentration for hours is not our thing, we are not built for it. However, our performance remains at a high level if we regularly

The fact that, because of the Covid-19 virus, a majority of office work is being done in the home has been a reality for many

I recall someone who had to see a physiotherapist several times a week because of back and hip problems. When I saw him sitting at

  Anyone who writes a lot with the keyboard or works with the mouse has probably experienced a strained wrist, while others may already be

Many successful people use the same secret formula to achieve their goals: they document their goals in a written form. Research studies have proven that